Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Journey to Sandakan

While the Kadazandusuns were celebrating Kaamatan Festival on the last 2 days of May, 30th & 31st May, my family and I took the public holidays opportunity to get away to Sandakan. Our journey starts as early as 6 a.m. We had our breakfast at Red House, Beverley Hills.

Travelling from Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan would be a long journey, so as for our own and car safety,we stopped by Esso station, daddy checked the car engine and fill up petrol.

Later, we headed towards Tuaran, then Tamparuli and Kundasang. Along the way to Kundasang nice scenery of Mount Kinabalu can be seen clearly, as the day was still early, no fog was covering the mountain.

Mt. Kinabalu

Next, we dropped by Ranau town to get some pancakes. Ranau town was the last town before we could reach Telupid town, about 100 km ++ from Ranau town.

Along the way to Telupid, nothing much can be seen, only trees and hills. But, somehow something caught my eyes. Have a look what I saw.
Graffiti or vandalism??

Okay, after long journey, at last we stopped by Telupid town, it was almost noon. Quickly searched for a place where we could rest, we headed into a coffee shop to get some drinks and food. It was a small town, few shop lots and not much entertainment could be found here.

After refreshing ourselves, we continued our journey. But, our car was running out of petrol.I remembered once I saw on tv where that Beluran district (Telupid), petrol was limited at that area, and people tend to sell it with high prices. We were searching for petrol station, asking here and there. They told us that Esso Station was nearby.

Later, we found out a place which sell petrol, local people buy petrol from there. The price was much higher compared to in KK. We had no choice but to buy form there. Have a look!

Unfortunately, the car came before us bought finish the petrol left. Yes, we were kinda panicked. How we were supposed to reached Sandakan? Luckily, there was a petrol station nearby. But, the petrol price was even more expensive. Having no other choice, we just filled up the car petrol tank with Sabah Oil (first time seeing this petrol station). And this was the Esso Station the people meant we asked earlier on. It really resemble Esso Petrol Station. Few snapshot :)

Sandakan was 100++ kilometers away more. All of us was tired and anxious to reach Sandakan. Along that route, I only observed palm trees plantation. We waited patiently. Daddy and mummy took turn to drive. After about 2 hours, we finally reached our destination.

Sandakan was used to be the capital city of Sabah before Jesselton (Kota Kinabalu) long ago. It was a big city, however still smaller compared to KK. Yet, I still saw Secret Recipe and Old Town White Coffee.

We planned to stay overnight, so we roamed around the city to find hotel for our 1 night stay. Daddy chose Sabah Hotel, as it was well-recognized and had great history. By the time we checked-in, it was almost 3 p.m. This hotel has facilities like a resort, swimming pools and restaurants.

Next, we headed to have a look at the Sandakan city and few nearby town. Have a look. There are few places which resemble places in KK.

These are the places that we went.

My dad went to this school, SJK (C) Chi Hwa when he was primary 2. We stopped by to take photos from of the gate. Suddenly, the security guard came to us and offer us to go in to the school and have a closer look. *wow*

After roaming for about 2 hours, we went back to hotel to get ready for dinner.

TJC Elopura, Sandakan

We had Bak Kut + Seafood Teh for our dinner. After dinner, we roamed around to see the night view of Sandakan. Later we went back to hotel. End of day 1.

Second day, early morning we had buffet breakfast at the Plantation Café Amadeus situated in the hotel itself. All the food were yummy.

After breakfast, we checked out and its about time to head back to KK. On the way home, we dropped by to have a look at the Sandakan Airport.

Next, we went to Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre. We reached there about 12 p.m. Unfortunately, it will only reopen at 2 p.m. We couldn't wait as our journey back to KK would take about 5 hours, by the time we reached home it will be night time.

At 7 p.m., we finally reached home sweet home safely. Indeed an enjoyable trip.

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  1. woah.. that hotel really nice leh. really like resort.hehe. :)